Do you have a knack for administration?  Would you like to help more people learn about WCYO in the community?  If so, we would love your help.  Send an email to info@wcyo.org with the areas of expertise that you'd like to offer to the organization.  Thanks for your willingness to help!

Corporate Volunteer Matching For current musicians and administrative volunteers who work for companies with corporate volunteer matching programs, please submit your volunteer matching information.  Each hour you log typically gives WCYO $10 (varies by company)!!!  Instructions below are for Intel.  Send instructions for other companies to info@wcyo.org and we'll post them too.
  1. Goto http://intelinvolved.intel.com. Retirees can report at: http://www.intel.com/employee/retiree/VMGP_form.htm
  2. Click on Report Individual Hours
  3. Pick “Westside Orchestra Association” from the dropdown if you’ve already reported hours before, or search for it if you haven’t
  4. Fill out the following information for concerts

Organization Name: Westside Orchestra Association
Name of program/event*:<Month> Public Concert (e.g. May public concert)
Focus of the activity*:Arts & Culture
Volunteer Activity*:Rehearsing/Performing
Project Start Date*:date of first rehearsal
Project End Date*:date of concert
Number of hours volunteered*: Enter the number of hours volunteered.  Include travel time, personal and group rehearsal time, and performance (for Intel.  Check your company guidelines for what hours count).