Collin Heade-Artistic Director/Conductor

Collin Heade embarks on celebrating his 10th season as artistic director and conductor of the Westside Community & Youth Orchestra in Hillsboro Oregon and his 9th season as conductor of the Junior Symphony of Vancouver, Washington.

He has been a finalist for The American Prize in Orchestral Programming, celebrating American excellence in the performing arts. Collin has earnestly taken up composing and has written pieces for solo, chamber, chamber with choir, percussion ensemble, orchestra and orchestra with choir. He has just finished reworking his 2015 piece “An Abandoned Lighthouse,” and has created two versions, one for full orchestra and another which includes choir with text from his accompanied poem, written by the composer.

As a cellist Collin has performed as principal with the Oregon Chamber Players and the Oregon Arts Orchestra, with whom he has performed much of Europe over three tours. He is also a member of the Oregon Chamber Players Quartet, performing with flute, oboe & viola. Collin is a native Oregonian. His principal teachers have included Tomas Svoboda and John Trudeau, orchestral; David Wilson, choral; Hamilton Cheifetz and Dorien de Léon, cello.

Collin enjoys his home life immensely with spouse Cameretta.


Please visit his web site for more information.

Mark Iven.jpg
Mark Iven-Concertmaster

As the most skilled and knowledgeable violinist of the orchestra the concertmaster is chief intermediary between the musicians and the conductor. The concertmaster is responsible for the violin section, playing solo passages in the absence of a guest soloist, understanding the conductor's ideas and communicating them in technical terms to the rest of the orchestra.  He also  leads the orchestra in tuning before rehearsals and performances.  He assists with aspects of the orchestra's management. He supervises the set-up and take down of chairs and equipment for rehearsals and performances.   Iven has been with the orchestra since its beginning and represents the string sections on the board.