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Collin Heade-Artistic Director/Conductor

Collin G. Heade embarks on celebrating his 13th season as artistic director/ conductor of Westside Community & Youth Orchestra in Hillsboro, Oregon  (; and his 12th season as conductor of the Junior Symphony of  Vancouver, Washington.  

As a conductor, he has attended workshops with the Virginia, Baltimore and  Norwalk Symphony Orchestra’s.  

As an avid composer, his compositional endeavors can be viewed from his website  at Currently he has been excited to take time to work on an  extended piece for piano, with many sections, each in a different key.  

In an American Prize judge review for his Expressions for string orchestra, they  related: “Characterized by lyricism and rhythmic creativity, there is an American  feel to the materials, Coplandesque...that makes them especially appealing. The  pizzicato second almost as successful as a similar movement in  Britten’s Simple Symphony...the col legno in the final movement is a wonderful idea  (and sound): these (movements) are excellent for teaching, and convincing for  young people (especially) that living composers create truly living music. Quite  delightful actually.” (~D.K.)  

In the judge review of The Story of the Song Bird & the Elephant” they said:  “Here is that rare piece that can work on both family and serious concerts, namely  a double concerto for piccolo, tuba & orchestra with an optional narrator, that has  nothing but charm, grace & total fun. Heade’s ear is very attuned to color and  nuance, and his melodic material is very engaging for the audience to swoon and  enjoy. Children will love how the orchestra not only embellishes the two soloists,  as their musical dialogue is incredible, but also how the composer conveys the  ensemble to play a lot of passages that keeps them alert at all times! This work is a  total winner on all counts.” (K.S)  

As a cellist, Collin has performed as principal with the Oregon Chamber Players,  and the Oregon Arts Orchestra, with whom he has made three European tours. 

He has concentrated on cello instruction all his professional life and teaches at his  home studio in southeast Portland as well as the Valley Catholic Music School in  Beaverton.  

Collin’s principal teachers have included Tomas Svoboda, composition; John  Trudeau, orchestral conducting; and David J. Wilson, choral conducting. He had  the honor of being Hamiliton Chiefetz’s very first cello student in the Portland  area, and received instruction from cellist Dorien de Léon as well.  

Collin enjoys his home life immensely with spouse, Cameretta. His daughter, Julie,  is a Sr. Manager, Reputations Programs, Corporate Affairs, for Banfield Pet  Hospital headquarters in Vancouver, WA. 

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Mark Iven-Concertmaster

As the most skilled and knowledgeable violinist of the orchestra the concertmaster is chief intermediary between the musicians and the conductor. The concertmaster is responsible for the violin section, playing solo passages in the absence of a guest soloist, understanding the conductor's ideas and communicating them in technical terms to the rest of the orchestra.  He also  leads the orchestra in tuning before rehearsals and performances.  He assists with aspects of the orchestra's management. He supervises the set-up and take down of chairs and equipment for rehearsals and performances.   Iven has been with the orchestra since its beginning and represents the string sections on the board.

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