Board of Directors
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Board President

Morgan Brown

The board chair oversees the work of the board and the artistic director. Appointing all committee chairs and recommending committee members. She is also responsible for preparing the agendas and conduction board meetings. She works with other board members to recruit new members of the orchestra and the board. Morgan serves as a spokesperson for the orchestra and as a representative on associated community groups. Brown plays flute and piccolo in the orchestra. 


Board Secretary

Phyllis Warfield

The secretary is charged with recording minutes of meetings, editing and reviewing them for accuracy and distributing them to board members. As secretary of the  board, Phyllis is in charge of  communication between the board and the community, ensuring  timely distribution of materials such as agendas, meeting minutes and notes of appreciation.  As secretary, she assists in scheduling board meetings to ensure an adequate and timely number of meetings are held per year. Warfield plays cello in the orchestra. 

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Mark Iven

The concertmaster supervises the set-up and take down of chairs and equipment for rehearsals and performances.  He leads the orchestra in tuning before and during rehearsals and performances. Represents the string sections on the board and plays first violin. 



Sarah Fujieda

As treasurer , Sarah keeps track of the organization's financial condition. She understands financial accounting for nonprofit organizations and works with the board to ensure that appropriate financial reports are made available to the board on a timely basis. The treasurer also competes annual reports for taxes or other non-profit requirements. Fujieda plays cello in the orchestra.



Sue Mehess

The librarian is responsible for making all music parts available to every musician for each concert. Sue also is the conduit for all communiques between the conductor and the orchestra as well as among Board members.


Program and Poster Designer

Jeannine Bamberg

In addition to serving on the Board, Jeanine creates the concert program and poster for each performance.  She supervises the editing and revision process as well as production of the final copies.  Bamberg plays in the Violin 2 section.


Public Relations/Webmaster

Michael Tinnesand

Michael writes press releases and announcements for each of the semi-annual performances. He adds event details to various print and electronic calendar listings and promotes performances on Facebook and encourages orchestra members to do the same.  He works with local press to get stories about the orchestra published. Tinnesand plays in the cello section. 


Member at Large

Laraine VonFeldt

Laraine represents the orchestra on the board and also plays in the violin 1 section.